First Place $1000
InTime is a new way to create playlists of a specified length. Rather than simply filling a list until it's over limit, InTime uses a linear-time approximation of the NP-hard Knapsack Problem to create a list of optimized length. The final project comes with a white paper explaining the solution!
Runner Up $500
Simterview is an easy and fast way to prepare yourself for tech interviews. Users are put through a virtual coding interview, with real-time feedback and compilation tests. Follwing the interview, live replays are available, with synchronied voice and typing playback, for future reference.
TripAdvisor API Prize iPads
Trvlr is a fusion of Google Maps and TripAdvisor. Given a recommendation assisted itinerary of things to do in a day, it automatically plots the fastest route between locations, and maximizes the time you can spend at each one, talking into account travel time and traffic.
Bose API Prize Speakers
AudioSpan allows users to view a virtual map, and travel through space and time to see what the music of a given area sounded like in a given year. Results are piped to a Bose speaker in real time, creating a dynamic soundscape.
Best Newcomers $500
Happy Halloween! In celebration of the holiday, your skeleton has been wandering around at night while you sleep! Track its adventure, generated in real time, though a text permalink, or follow it around on Google Maps (including Street View!) as it explores local points of interest and reacts to what it sees. Spooky!
People's Choice $500
DisKinect lets you take your hands off the speaker while doing messy tasks like cooking or cleaning. Simple body movements are picked up by a Kinect and can change the volume, track, and other settings of a connected Bose speaker.
Design War #1
Design a dynamic logo for IDHack 2016.
Design War #2
Come up with a new brand identity for JumboCode.
Design War #3 $500
Design a logo and/or wireframes for the Tile backpack.