What is Polyhack?

Polyhack empowers students to solve problems at any scale using the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired through the university and beyond. All members of the Tufts community are invited to participate, whether individually or in groups. We want to bring together students from many disciplines under the umbrella of tech in a collaborative environment. This is not meant to be a place to network or start a company; our goal for Polyhack is to provide an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to creative projects. Every participant is expected to be the best they can be, and to help others be their best.


October 23-24th 2015

Tufts University

574 Boston Avenue
Medford, MA 02155



Can I attend?

All members of the Tufts Community (and friends) are invited. Polyhack is not a traditional hackathon -- we want to cross borders with other disciplines of thought and learn from one another. If you aren't a member of the Tufts community, you must be explicitly invited.

What should I bring?

Bring a valid student ID for admission and a laptop for hacking. We’ll be providing pretty much everything else—stickers, snacks, and more!

What if I've never been to a hackathon?

Tufts Polyhack is specifically designed to accommodate beginners. If you've never been to a hackathon, or are just getting stared coding don't fear! We will be holding info sessions, team-finding events, and plenty of beginner workshops during the hackathon.

How do teams work?

Hackathons are more fun when you work with others, so we encourage people to form teams beforehand or find teams at the event. However, prizes will be awarded to projects, not people, so the bigger your team is, the more difficult it will be to split up any awards.

What if I don’t have a team?

Polyhack is about meeting new people, and in that spirit, we'll have group formation events towards the beginning of the hackathon. Hang tight!

What if this FAQ didn’t answer my questions?

Don't hesitate to email us at team@tufts.io and we'll do our best to answer any questions and concerns you might have.